About me

Nice to see you here! I am Dasha, and I am a photographer. I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I am available for photo sessions all around the country.

Out of all trends of the photographic art, my passion is photographs of people. I love to work with people and create an image during personal photo session. Capturing important life events such as weddings, birthdays, maternity periods of women or couples gives me the opportunity to  witness their/your joy. Moreover I can capture and extend this joy with pictures of all happy and important moments of human life. The gentle hug of your child on pictures made by me will preserve the tenderness you have for the rest of your life. Memory is priceless. When I catch your smile with my camera, I will return the smile to you!

My second passion is travelling which gives me the opportunity to make photos around our beautiful world. You can find them on the “Gallery” page which is being updated regularly as well as all the other pages.

My photo equipment consists of Nikon D610 camera with 3 lenses: portrait lens Nikkor 50mm f1/4g, a Nikkor 85mm f1/8g lens, and a Nikkor 24-120mm f4g lens. All photos on this website are taken by me, therefore I ask you to respect my copyright. If you are interested to get any of my photos, please contact me.