Family photosession

Each year of your life together with your family is significant, special and unique. Every special event, even  each year season is a wonderful moment to place photos in the family photo album. Years ago it was a great tradition to print and keep all memories in one big photo book. Nowadays we store photos of our daily life, taken by our smartphones digitally. But photo books are much more unique because there are stored, photos which you will keep through generations!

I offer several kinds of family photosession, such as:

  • Photosession of couples, partners.
  • Photosession of family including all members and pets.

One more special sort of memory is for those in the beginning of their love.

  • Love story photo session

The location of all photo sessions can be discussed (a park in your city, walking phototour around the town, on the shore on the sea, in the garden of your house, at your home or in another location).